Upgrade a Cable Infrastructure for MTS Communication Nodes..

Upgrade a Cable Infrastructure for MTS Communication Nodes.

About project

iCore successfully completed a project for MTS of upgrading communication nodes, regarding an exchange cable infrastructure. Sites were upgraded within a preparation of a communication node’s infrastructure for deploying 4th generation networks (4G LTE).

Industries Telecommunications
Solutions Smart Building


Project Aims and Objectives

  • Prepare a physical level for growing a bandwidth within a deployment of 4G LTE networks;
  • Upgrade a communication nodes’ cable infrastructure to add an equipment with a bigger port density;
  • Provide a compact arrangement of passive equipment;
  • Provide high density of optical connections;
  • Create a modular architecture for fast deployment of an infrastructure with a minimum influence on existing carrier links.

Solutions Used in the Project

To organize the exchange’s optical distribution frames, iCore selected a HUBER+SUHNER AG solution. The LiSA central optical distribution frame has industry unique capacity up to 2880 optical fibers per cabinet, providing a compact arrangement and reserve for development of the Customer’s network. Meanwhile, the optical distribution frame occupies only 0.3 sq.m area of a raised floor and allows to clear a useful space for racks with active equipment.

To organize optical links between the distribution frame and racks with active equipment, MASTERLINE pre-terminated cable systems have been used. Thanks to a compact arrangement of a cable (its outside shield diameter is less than 13 mm with a capacity of up to 144 optical fibers), a high density of cable bunches is provided.

Optical links at existing nodes have been laid in separate overhead boxes. This allows spatially separating an optical cable system and existing systems of ladder cable trays, and mesh trays with a copper wire cabling.

Results and opportunities

A modular solution has been developed and implemented that allows effective completion of customer tasks at a site of any size. The new architecture of the communication nodes’ cable system, designed and implemented by iCore, allows building a scalable and reliable infrastructure that can be expanded step by step when the number of site ports is increased.