Expand the infrastructure of 5 Elektronnaya Moskva offices.

Expand the infrastructure of 5 Elektronnaya Moskva offices

About project

iCore has been invited to audit an existing engineering infrastructure of a new central office in Mamontov Business Centre. According to audit results, the problem was discovered that there is a lack of a single solution for the security system, IT and infrastructural solutions at other Elektronnaya Moskva offices. Therefore, for the new headquarters, an equipment standard on the basis of typical systems has been developed, that was also later used in other, independent Customer office projects.

Industries Public sector IT
Solutions IT for Business


Project Aims and Objectives

  • Reduce the time of relocating company divisions and reconfiguring existing premises thanks to implementing unified solutions for company offices’ security systems, IT and an infrastructure;
  • Halve the infrastructure’s total cost of ownership by using typical system configurations;
  • Deploy typical solutions at 5 company offices.

Solutions Used in the Project

iCore performed an audit of an existing infrastructure and developed a number of typical solutions and corporate standards, taking into account a strictly limited budget for opening new offices:

  • upgrade an existing SCS and build the new one;
  • upgrade an existing electrical power supply and light system;
  • upgrade and build new fire and security alarm systems;
  • create a single access monitoring and control system for all offices;
  • create a single video observation system for all offices;
  • equip meeting rooms with multimedia systems.

Solutions include electrical power supply systems from Schneider Electric, AVV, Legrand and SCS based on Eurolan equipment.

Some cable lines at several Customer offices were faulty, so damaged links were replaced by new ones.

At offices, evacuation notification and light systems ware installed, and new fire and security systems, access control systems were upgraded.

The meeting room was equipped with switching equipment, and a projection screen with a constant tension and analog signal converter that was located under a large table in the center of the premises.

Results and opportunities

Elektronnaya Moskva cooperates with iCore when upgrading and building new engineering systems at office premises. Since December, 2012, iCore has provided services to a number of Elektronnaya Moskva offices to upgrade and build new engineering systems, such as a structured cabling system, a electrical power supply system, access control system, a video observation system, a security fire alarm, and multimedia systems. During this cooperation, iCore proved to be a reliable and qualified contractor, that responsibly carries out its obligations and has among its staff professional employees who are able to perform difficult technical projects and business oriented tasks. Elektronnaya Moskva thanks iCore for the high quality of works, and recommends iCore as a highly professional and reliable partner and hopes for further cooperation.