Create a transformer hall in the new Medicina building.

Create a transformer hall in the new Medicina building

About project

In the new Medicina building, it was necessary to create a technological space for negotiations, seminars, and meetings. It was necessary to create a multipurpose conference hall, a center for fast decision-making, training and staff consultation. iCore carried out an audit, developed documentation and created a conference hall concept. According to open tender results, iCore was selected as a contractor and began to implement the project.

Industries Healthcare
Solutions Smart Building


Project Aims and Objectives

  • Create a multipurpose conference hall that can be used as:   
  • office for daily briefings;
  • office for seminars and negotiations;
  • center for a quick decision-making, training and consulting staff.
  • Equip a conference hall with 2 big screens that allow to output multiple information sources with a different configuration;
  • Allow transformation of a hall into two independent offices with independent content and separate sound;
  • Equip the multimedia complex with an integrated management system.

Solutions Used in the Project

iCore created a multimedia complex equipped with display, switching, video conferencing, sound amplification and audio signal switching systems, and also a management system.

As a display system 2 video walls have been installed, based on NEC 46" panels, with a 3x3 configuration, FullHD that allow to connect 4 video sources.

To distribute a common information field among several screens, the iCube controller was used. It was developed by iCore and designed to generate a graphic field with resolution that will correspond to that of the display system used.

Video conferencing is implemented on the basis of a Cisco solution. It includes 2 HD video cameras, allows simultaneous connection of 4 and more subscribers and recording of visual communication sessions.

The Crestron integrated management system based on iPad manages operating modes of technical facilities used in this complex.

Results and opportunities

After commissioning a new conference hall, decision-making time was reduced. It allowed solving more problems in a smaller time period. Thanks to video conferencing, business trips expenses were reduced and the divisions’ management efficiency was increased.