Implementation of the Hitachi High Performance NAS cluster system.

Implementation of the Hitachi High Performance NAS cluster system

About project

iCore implemented an effective and high-performance network data storage mechanism within the creation of a fault-tolerant infrastructure in remote ATS data centers.

Client АО «АТС»
Industries Energy IT
Solutions Data Centers IT for Business


Project Aims and Objectives

  • Customer satisfaction in terms of performance, fault tolerance and scalability levels.
  • Integrate the solution into the single management environment used by the Customer.
  • The architecture has to process CIFS and NFS queries with a rate not below the level specified by the customer.

Solutions Used in the Project

The Hitachi Data System’s HNAS equipment was selected as the solution. This company is well known for its high-performance storage systems in Mid-Range and Hi-End sectors.

iCore deployed a fault-tolerant cluster with 2 nodes on the basis of the Hitachi High Performance NAS 3200 model that belongs to Hi-End NAS systems and provides a scaling up to 8 nodes. To store file resources, the Customer’s Hitachi USP V array was connected to the system.

The CIFS based access to resources was configured, and HNAS was integrated into the ATS’s Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure. It allows management of the implemented system as a usual Windows based file server.

Results and opportunities

The HNAS system has been deployed and successfully integrated into the Customer’s IT infrastructure within a record short time and no service interruption in close coordination with the operations department. The customer obtained a reliable solution that allows the system capacity to grow without interruption.