Upgrade of the network infrastructure of Utkonos Web Hypermarket.

Upgrade of the network infrastructure of Utkonos Web Hypermarket

About project

Specialists at iCore upgraded the data transmission network (DTN) of Utkonos web hypermarket. The upgraded equipment increased the internal traffic rate and telecom infrastructure reliability, and also formed the basis for future corporate network expansion. It allows the customer to optimize its business processes, in particular to accelerate processing of customer orders.

Client Интернет-гипермаркет «Утконос».
Industries Retail
Solutions IT for Business


Project Aims and Objectives

  • Delete traffic transmission bottlenecks by upgrading the network equipment;
  • Do replacements transparently for users to avoid buyers’ service delays.

Solutions Used in the Project

Instead of out-of-date switches, 19 24-port and 48-port Brocade ICX 6450 switches are installed. The total number of user ports is increased from 648 to 816, and this allows network expansion in the future.

To provide a full compatibility with the existing network infrastructure, all security features are implemented on new equipment configured on old switches:

  • white lists of trusted hosts’ MAC addresses (Port Security);
  • protection against attacks using different protocols (DHCP Snooping, ARP Inspection);
  • protection against a connection of suspicious devices (BPDU Guard);
  • console access to the management interface, etc.

To replace and configure the equipment, the project team selected time periods when the network load was minimum. Taking into account delivery, the total project duration was 1.5 months.

Results and opportunities

The upgrade of a corporate network’s warehouse segment allows the customer to implement a buyer attraction and retention strategy. The hypermarket continuously updates and optimizes its IT infrastructure. In particular, the full replacement program for out-of-date solutions for equipment and Brocade SW both at access, and core levels, is under development. Transition to a mono-vendor landscape will simplify network management and will decrease respective costs.