Create Multimedia System Complex for a New Covidien Office.

Create Multimedia System Complex for a New Covidien Office

About project

iCore implemented a comprehensive project of equipping dedicated customer sites with state-of-the-art audiovisual communication tools, including: preparation of project documentation, delivery, installation and adjustment of equipment, programming the management interface and acceptance tests. To provide proper operation, we needed to integrate multimedia solutions with an existing light system and structured cabling system (SCS), therefore, our engineers also carried out on-site designer supervision including administration of subcontractors’ activities. Before the complex was put into operation, we provided training for customer employees, in particular on how to use the management system.

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Project Aims and Objectives

  • Increase the efficiency of working meetings;
  • Create whole new sites for negotiations with partners and customers, arrange conferences at a high technological level;
  • Provide first-line information support for decision makers;
  • Provide uniform centralized management of all audiovisual systems.

Solutions Used in the Project

iCore developed a complex of multimedia solutions for meeting rooms, chief manager offices, class rooms and an entrance area for Covidien’s Moscow office. To provide high-quality transfer and playback of video and audio content, the professional equipment has been used: projectors and high definition NEC LCD displays were installed, as was a digital sound system including:

  • Current Audio open type two-way ceiling speaker systems;
  • Ecler stereophonic power amplifiers;
  • Beyerdynamic vocal radio system (VHF-range);
  • Crestron digital sound management platform.

To display a content, Projecta projection screens are used.

The switching system is based on Extron devices and provides a fully digital signal processing. It also allows to connect analog sources.

The central control system based on Apple iPad and a Crestron wall docking station allows to remotely monitor all multimedia equipment in the office.

Results and opportunities

Under the project a state-of-the-art multimedia system complex has been created, complying to international standards for equipage of class A offices, that allowed to reach a qualitatively new efficiency level for customer employees’ internal and external communications.