Totally acceleration of Microsoft Analysis Services in BSH Group.

Totally acceleration of Microsoft Analysis Services in BSH Group

About project

In 2014, at BSH, performance of the analytics system sharply decreased (this system allows monitoring of sales of production and availability of stocks). In particular, over 4 months, the cycle of preparing daily reports almost doubled – from 8 to 14 hours. A long calculation was beyond the allocated service window, and there was a risk of losing actual administrative information. iCore offered an optimum solution of how to fix this problem.

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Project Aims and Objectives

  • Accelerate a generation of analytics reports using the equipment available in the company and available DBMS and business analytics tools: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Analysis Services;
  • Differentiate access to reports according to business user roles, to avoid unauthorised access to data and exclude any risk of information distortion.

Solutions Used in the Project

Specialists at iCore carried out an audit of the BI system and DBMS. Our experts studied original tables and data provided to users, and also mechanisms to generate and send queries to the storage. The following “bottlenecks” were detected:

  • to create data arrays (OLAP cubes) according to the “snowflake” scheme, considerable time expenditure is required;
  • execution of complex queries in Microsoft Analysis Services overloads computing capacity.

The “diagnosis” allowed development of an optimum solution: switching to the “star” scheme and build queries directly on the Microsoft SQL Server. Role based data distribution also allowed performing a logical action: generating an OLAP-cube per user group.

Results and opportunities

Thanks to optimization of the DBMS and BI system, the time for generating daily reports was reduced from 14 hours to 10 minutes. Analytics information is prepared in less than half an hour. All problems are solved on the basis of previously implemented IT systems. No extra investments in the purchase of new equipment was needed.