Engineering Infrastructure of a Backup Data Center for the Moscow City Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI) Fund.

Engineering Infrastructure of a Backup Data Center for the Moscow City Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI) Fund

About project

iCore took part in creating a distributed disaster-proof data center of the Moscow City Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI) Fund (MSCHIF). The system integrator performed full activities, including: prepare feasibility report, develop, construct, create an engineering infrastructure and create a dispatch control center to monitor and manage the site’s RDC infrastructure, with 200 kW power consumption.

Year 2019
Industries Public sector Healthcare
Solutions Data Centers



  • Ensure an operation of MSCHIF information systems and services in 24x7 mode;
  • Create a disaster-proof infrastructure with a guaranteed availability of critical information services within CHI AIS;
  • Support integration of CHI AIS with EGISZ, EMIAS, MPGU, RF RPF, CRO, SMP information systems in a real-time mode;
  • Multiple increase of storable data size;
  • Stregthen protection of the CHI AIS complex including its information security.


To build the engineering infrastructure, a comprehensive InfraStruXure (ISX) solution from a single manufacturer (Schneider Electric) was selected.

To provide an uninterruptible power supply, APC Symmetra PX 128 KW UPSs are used, with N+1 redundancy. If an external electrical network is disconnected, GESAN DVA 360 E AUTO is automatically started up and protection sources are switched on.

A machine room’s cooling system uses freon in-row air conditioners as a part of the Schneider Electric’s InfraStruXure solution.

To provide a physical and fire safety, Axis equipment is used.

In the machine room and electric control room, a gaseous fire suppression system is installed. To separate the machine room from a dispatching office, transparent panels are used, with a 3-layer fire-resistant glass and fire resistance of 60 minutes.

Results and opportunities

A data center’s backup site built by iCore is fully symmetric to the primary one in terms of computing powers, access to IT resources and storable data. The engineering infrastructure of the new site can be expanded. In the future, this backup data center can operate as the MSCHIF primary data center.