Audit of the electrical power supply system at Promsvyazbank.

Audit of the electrical power supply system at Promsvyazbank

About project

Specialists at iCore carried out an audit of the internal and external electrical power supply system for one of Promsvyazbank buildings.

Client ПАО «Промсвязьбанк»
Industries Finance
Solutions IT for Business


Project Aims and Objectives

  • Analyze the current state of the electrical power supply system for the bank’s data center and processing center;
  • Create an action plan to remove discovered risk sites that may affect business continuity;
  • Generate a forward-looking budget to provide uninterrupted operation of the infrastructure’s critical objects.

Solutions Used in the Project

Specialists at iCore analyzed the existing electrical power supply scheme for data center and processing center, defined an electric power reserve to expand the existing IT infrastructure’s objects.

During the audit, potential points of failure have been detected and the plan of action was created, in order to eliminate business continuity risks related to electrical power supply.

On the basis of the plan of action a demand for financial resources was calculated, that are required for the infrastructure to comply with business requirements, and the budget to purchase an equipment was prepared.

Results and opportunities

iCORE completed this project within minimally possible terms that allowed the Customer in the beginning of a year to correlate plans for a development of the Bank’s IT infrastructure with capabilities of the existing engineering infrastructure. Based on audit results, Bank experts defined demands for an upgrade of the electrical power supply system for the nearest time period for it to comply with requirements on fault tolerance and availability.